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Papa Don't Cry

A student film, written by Manoj, delves into the challenges faced by a common man, who borrows money for a certain standard of living to feel acceptable in society and cannot repay on time.

Youtube:   Papa Don't Cry

Flight To Heaven

Pari, a young ambitious girl has stars in her eyes, looking forward to her dream career as an air hostess. Her world crumbles when she is diagnosed with HIV in her medical examination.Coping with the illness and the stigma it carries, Pari learns to smile again.

Youtube:   Flight to heaven

The Alcoholic

Tina needs alcohol to feel safe in her own skin. The touching tale of an alcoholic and her husband, who supports her through it all giving Tina the courage to look forward to a healthy balanced life.

Youtube:   The Alcoholic

The Film The Alcoholic along with Flight To Heaven has been well received with a viewership of half a million.